Introduction of Mastar's Identity

By introducing and upholding a common corporate identity, Mastar can advantage the business wise recognition and identification. If our identification is rhyme and integrate, it becomes a strategic business tool that makes us more transparent to communication with business associates and customers may as well inherits a consistent and unified appearance of our products and services.

With the spring up of Mastar classic label, it optimizes the Group’s business aims and objectives with the coming up of the new millennium. The clean-cut and apparent logo symbolizes Mastar market target and focus, thus, each of our messages is reinforced by Mastar’s reputation.

The bold corporate typeface is SLICKER used on the logo is a symbol of powerful, dependable and reliable of the product. The corporate color of the logo is (vibrant red/ black) which represent strength, steady and reliability of the company. The curved oval shape is to create a feeling of solidness and toughness. Also, as a guide for the public to pronounce the word correctly.